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JIN Shenghao
JIN Shenghao
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My Original Characters - This article is part of a series.

Karlukle Amano ♂

天野 ( アマノ )     カルクル
  Amano             Karlukle

  The main character of the story, an 8-year-old second grade student in the elementary school division of an international school. Although originally from Saitama, Tokyo, he moved to Zhongshan District in Dalian with his parents and brother at the age of 6. At 7 years old, he unintentionally entered the Leaf World in a dream and became a tai, then transformed into an EL traveler after withstanding the Heavenly Torture. Now able to freely explore the Leaf World in his dreams, he wanders the Earthly World under the name Karlukle.

Hunosuke Amano ♂

天野 ( アマノ )        風之助 ( フウノスケ )
  Amano         Hūnosuke

  Karlukle's brother, 15 years old, a third-year student at the junior high school division of an international school.He is kind, attentive, and responsible, often providing care and companionship to ease Karlukle's loneliness in the absence of their busy parents.

Mirai Amano ♀

天野 ( アマノ )        未来 ( ミライ )
 Amano           Mirai

  Karlukle's sister ,7 (at the time of death). At just 5 years old, she went to live with their grandmother in rural Fukushima after their grandfather's passing. One night, despite being thousands of miles apart, she and Karlukle shared the same dream where she witnessed him enduring the "Heavenly Torture" needed to become an EL traveler. Learning that he needed to withstand double the pain to transform, she selflessly sacrificed herself to help Karlukle overcome the difficulty and die in the dream. Since that night, Karlukle has kept the memories of their dream hidden in his heart.

Seiko Amano ♀

天野 ( アマノ )        聖子 ( セイコ )
 Amano           Seiko

  Karlukle's mother, 36, born in Fukushima, a foreign teacher at a high school in Dalian.

Jin Chengmin ♂

   ( ㄐㄧㄋ )            丞旻 ( ㄔㄥㄇㄧㄋ )
    Jin         Chengmin

  Karlukle's father, 40 years old, born in Dalian. Having spent his early years abroad, he is now a software engineer for Japan in Dalian.

My Original Characters - This article is part of a series.