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My Previous Visual Baisc Programming Works

This is where I store the source code for my Visual Basic programming works. All of this source code is in a continuous state of updating, and you are welcome to borrow it and share it with others.

Note that your computer needs to have Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 installed before you can view these source codes.Click here to google and download.

First project: Glass >


Plaintext-to-Ciphertext Conversion Tool (incomplete)
·43 words·1 min
Student Information Management System for the 31st Middle School (Completed)
·70 words·1 min
Online Class Widget - Course Schedule (incomplete)
·59 words·1 min
Online class gadgets - clipboard save picture tool (completed)
·53 words·1 min
Drawing Board (completed)
·51 words·1 min
Glass (Completed)
·49 words·1 min