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About Music on This Site

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JIN Shenghao
JIN Shenghao
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The music system of this website is divided into two parts: Hover Player and Music Station.

Hover Player

The semi-transparent control at the bottom of the page is the Hover Player, which has the Continuous Play Across Pages feature and loads quickly.

Several of the songs in the hover player are stored in lossless (FLAC) form on the site’s back-end servers. They are the essence of the site’s music, and are great for listening to while reading. The music is either monumental or my latest favorite.

You can put on your headphones and listen attentively to these rare sources of high quality music.

After expanding the control, tap to toggle the lyrics on and off, and tap  to expand the playlist to manually select a song.

Since Apple does not allow background autoplay and backend cache, the hover player’s Continuous Play Across Pages feature is invalid in Safari.

Music Station

Music Station can be accessed from the menu bar at the top of the page. The songs in Music Station are pulled from NetEase Cloud Music, the audio quality is average and most of the music can only be listened to in clips due to copyright restrictions.

The music station is divided into several columns, diversified to reflect my listening style.

Because of the restrictions on playback on external music platforms, the main purpose of the music station is to provide music lists that serve as recommendations and auditions.